Deep Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs
(with automated pipehandling system and hydraulic top drive)

Our drilling rigs are compact and modularly assembled and designed for high mobility and optimal transport. They are equipped with modern drilling software, enable a minimal visual interference because of low height, can be driven by generators as well as by power supply and are suitable for cluster projects and geothermal wells because of their innovative skidding systems.

Our rigs are also suitable for special applications like e.g. casing drilling, coiled tubing works or dual completion.

Drilling rig VDD 200

VDD 200

Hook load (max.): 1,800 kN
Drilling depth: 3,500 m
Data Sheet VDD 200

Drilling rig TB 2100 S

TB 2100 S

Hook load (max.): 1,961 kN
Drilling depth: 3,500 m
Data Sheet TB 2100 S