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Oilfield Location Berkel

The former oilfield location Berkel, which is situated in the urban area of Rotterdam (The Netherlands), has been dismantled since January 2014.

The aim is to renaturise the oilfield location until the end of 2018 and to return the recultivated area to the city of Rotterdam.
The renaturation takes place environmentally friendly. Already during the project planning it was considered to reduce the visual effect and the noise exposure to a minimum for the residents, too. With the drilling rig VDD 370.1 Synergy 1, the client NAM optimised the visual impact due to its low mast height of only 31 m. This already reduces the noise emission. However, further steps have been taken in order to bring the drilling rig to a low noise level (e.g. operation from grid and technical noise protection measures at the power packs).

The project is divided in three phases. DrillTec Netherlands B.V. and Schlumberger have been commissioned with the second phase, the abandonment of 22 wells, which are arranged in two rows (8 and 14 wells). The average drilling depth is approx. 1,400 m.

According to the abandonment programme, the plug and abandonment operations take place sequentially.  This includes a large workscope of casings to be milled from surface. Within the past years, DrillTec has gained a lot of experience with milling works and the resulting metal swarf. This experience is now used for a continuous improvement of the performed work. For example the operation of the metal swarf filter unit is constantly monitored and optimised.

Requirement for such an extensive plug and abandonment project is a quick and flexible move of the workover rig between the probe heads. For this purpose DrillTec developed a particular skidding system. The whole rig (663 t) is placed on a skidding and framework system and can be pushed/pulled by eight hydraulic cylinders. The average skidding time between rig release and spud-in is only 5-12 hours.

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Drilling Rig VDD 370.1 Synergy 1

Drilling Rig VDD 370.1 Synergy 1