November 2022

30th geothermal well drilled

August 2022

Performance Upgrade Synergy 2 Rig

April 2022

Started drilling the first well for hydrogen in Mali

September 2021

Contract agreement with Hydroma for hydrogen drilling in Mali

February 2020

20th company anniversary DrillTec GUT Großbohr- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

August 2019

Performance Upgrade VDD 370.2 VarioRig

August 2018

Successful execution of the HDD project “WREP” in Azerbaijan and Georgia

May 2018

Geothermal triblet in Luttelgeest. First geothermal well in Flevoland, NL.

September 2017

TB 2100S Explorer drilled and completed first geothermal well in Denmark since 2010 (Integrated Services). For Thisted-5 GFK pipes were used.

August 2016

Geothermal project (doublet) for Aardwarmte Vogelaer B.V., NL
Cooperation with the engineering company continued with further geothermal projects.

February 2015

15 years DrillTec

January 2015

Erection of Synergy 2 on the Dutch island Ameland

November 2013

Shell awards Synergy 2 as "Land Rig of the Year 2013“

December 2012

Setup of mobile drilling rig TB 2100 S „Explorer

December 2011

Execution of geothermal drilling with the Compact Rig on a drilling site of approx. 2,500 m² in Honselersdijk (NL). Main criteria for the contract by GreenWell Westland B.V. was the compact design of the rig

April 2010

Execution of the HDD project "Qeshm Island"/Arabian Peninsula
Successful execution of the longest HDD crossing with operation of only one rig: 3,060 m

August 2009

Start-up of the Compact Rig
Three 370 t drillings rigs have already been on duty; now the first drilling rig with a hook load of 200 tons starts its operation.

February 2005

Execution of HDD offshore project: "Pipeline-Link Mittelplate" in the North Sea/Germany; environmentally friendly crossing of the Wadden Sea with 5 HDD rigs within a tight schedule

January 2005

Start-up of Synergy I: Drilling Vledder
First automatic drilling rig with a rack and pinion system and a hook load of 370 t in the Netherlands

October 2004

First contract agreement with NAM

July 2003

First deep drilling: Geothermal drilling GTB 1, Speyer
Drilling rig: CombiRig


Foundation of DrillTec GUT GmbH Großbohr- und Umwelttechnik
for execution of HDD projects