Policy Statement - Commitment and Values

Entrepreneurial experience and trendsetting concepts, modern and reliable machines with a high automation level, continuous development and improvement of our facilities and commited, highly qualified employees are our key for a successful participation in the market, now and in the future.
Compliance and monitoring of own and customer-relevant norms and standards, the professional associations and country-specific legal requirements are part of our daily work. This manifests itself in the following principles:

Economic use of Resources secures our Future

We strive to be economical by creating the best working conditions. This demands above-average performance coupled with an economical and sensible use of materials, equipment and resources. With it we contribute the long-term success and the development of our company.

We want satisfied Customers

We want to provide our customers with timely services on a competitive basis and in the best possible quality. We therefore need clearly defined processes and organizational structures. An optimal service as well as a friendly approach from the first contact through to project follow-up are our goal to satisfy our customers and thereby enable a long-term and successful cooperation. We support our customers in finding individual solutions, the development of alternative concepts and their implementation.

Occupational Safety and Health Protection are the Basis of our Daily Activities

Our goal: No accidents!
Every accident causes material losses, environmental damages or pain and distress to the persons affected and to their families. The loss of an employee and colleague will have an effect on the operational sequence of working procedures, the quality, reduces our work performance and harms the image of our company. At the same time we, of course, also want to protect and preserve the health and property of third parties, because every accident is avoidable!

Protection of the Environment – our Self-Image

Our focus is on protecting the environment, in particular increasing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental risks.

Quality must be managed

Our operational procedures are subject to constant change due to continuous improvement processes and the change of norms, standards and laws. Therefore our high quality standard in all business areas can only be ensured by a structured quality management system.

Together, we achieve our Goals

Our employees are our most important asset for success. Comprehensive and continuous further training are essential to ensure, that they have total control of the working methods and processes. Our management motivates our employees to encourage individual responsibility and teamwork, so that our goals can be achieved.

Communication, Dialogue and Openness

Our activity brings us in touch with many different stakeholders - business partners, suppliers, employees, local residents, local organizations, associations and the general public - whose interest in information and dialogue is steadily increasing. Therefore, we strive to maintain close contact with them and inform them regularly about our services and business activities.